“So many people love you, don’t focus on the ones who don’t!” – Soyen.
I’m still feeling all the love & still indulging in the 2 lbs bag of sour patch kids I was gifted for my birthday – nom nom nom. I vow to eat them until my tongue hurts from the mysterious sour, totally delicious chemicals dusted all over them!
I’m thinking about all my people, the ones who love me so well & of course, in true Olivia fashion, this took me down a rabbit hole of thoughts! It’s a hard game to play to find your place in the world or even in your own community. Instagram adds insane pressure to change elements of who we are to be more acceptable yet when our engagement is not ideal we feel inadequate because even our ‘perfect mask’ is flawed. Of course this makes us second guess everything we believed about ourselves when we confidently pressed share.
Pause for a second… remember the ones who love you, the ones who support you and believe in you because if you let them be the ones who motivate you, then you will soar. Don’t show up to prove the haters wrong, show up for the ones who need to hear what you have to say & hold on to what those who love you & know you have to say about who you are!

Instagram filter used: Clarendon

Photo taken at: Chicago, Illinois

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