•”In life we can dread the sacrifice or we can anticipate the reward.”• Ya know when you hear something that seems to bust through your chest and grab ahold of your heart? Those little truths are the stepping stones through seasons of my life. They’re the pefect bite sized but profound truths that shift my perspective just enough to keep me moving forward & my heart in check. That quote from @christybwright got me!! How many times are we so focused on the sacrifices we have to make that the reward is hardly visible? Dang girl, if there’s anything I’ve learned through starting a business it is that the reward MUST stay front and center, when it gets cloudy there’s suddenly all this space for doubt and fear to completely hinder momentum. Of course there are areas where certain sacrifices must be balanced with wisdom – for me, my kids top the charts. Sacrificing the year I have left before West starts school is front and center, I won’t sacrifice that time with him… but I WILL balance it because both he & my growing business hold reward! I can’t get that year with him back but it also doesn’t become my excuse not to DO what is in my heart to do. When I choose to work away from home it doesn’t mean that I’m a bad mom or that I’m sacrificing all my mama responsibilities; it mean that I’m equally valuing myself as a woman and business owner and making money to help support my family is good both for them and for me! And can I just say mamas, I’ve heard the ‘shoulds’ about being a full time stay at home mom… it’s hard to ignore them and stay confident that what you’re doing is right for you & your family. For those of you called to the full time at home role, BLESS YOU! Flourish there, your sacrifice will be honored! And for those of you like me, don’t let anyone squelch your fire for being mama and boss, you are graced to do it! Find your balance, weigh your sacrifices, be mama when your babes need you & boss when there’s peace in your home! I believe in you, sincerely. Keep doing what you are called to do and be fierce at it! ? @kaleighdsimmonsphoto

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