I’m Liv, the owner of LivStyled & eater of all the chips. Here’s a little intro for those of you new to my insta fam, thanks for being here! I’m such a people person, guys! My mom tells a story of a wee-me at the beach trying to make friends with other kiddos and simply shrugging it off when I wasn’t welcomed with open arms. I’d say that’s a pretty accurate take on the full sized me, too! Although as adults we’ve all endured a lot & so many of us have been too hurt to really let our guard down and let others get close. It’s those people I really have a heart for, the ones who need a safe place to land. We all have a story and every single one of them is valuable and worth sharing. My story starts in a very small town where I learned to shoot paper cups off of tree branches from the front porch my dad built on our barn shaped home. I was a wild little country girl! I remember laying outside in the pitch black near the weepy willows while the frogs and crickets sang their songs and we watched stars shoot through the sky! We ended up losing that house to a fire, a fire we tried to put out with bowls of water from the sinks & bathtub. It’s crazy that we don’t choose the moments of our lives that leave a lasting mark, but we CAN choose what kind of mark they’ll leave.
I bake without a timer, love a good murder podcast & take cream &
sugar in my coffee. My kids are little wonders, they each have really beautiful hearts! There are 3 more of our babies up in Heaven, I never imagined that there would be a few I wouldn’t get to watch grow up. I also never imagined that healing from something so painful would ever come – but it has.
My favorite color is green & I can’t help but laugh at fart jokes like a 10 year old boy. I hope to be one of those volunteers that holds babies in the nicu – yes, that’s real! Sign me up!
Natural sunlight is like medicine for my soul, I miss feeling its warmth year round since moving away from Ca.
I still go out dancing because I love it so much & lets be real, I’ll be doing it until I can’t walk anymore.
I really love coke in a glass bottle with a lime & every single day I remind the Lord how thankful I am that He gave me life!

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