Color, pattern, bold lip! 3 things that make my heart beat a little faster! What is it in your wardrobe that you squeal over!? Your style isn’t for anyone but you! What makes YOU feel amazing? If it’s incorporating new trends then how can you do it in a way that supports your personal style & maintains your uniqueness? If something is off season but you still want to wear it, how can you style it in to continue wearing it through the changing seasons? These can be tricky questions to answer! Sometimes all it takes is a short conversation and someone who can see through the closet chaos to find a pattern – It’s me!!! A common misconception of hiring a personal stylist is that we spend more time shopping then working with what you already have, maybe for some – but not for me! We start with what you’ve got, highlight the areas you’re doing things well & make a plan together to execute your goals for both your wardrobe & your pocketbook! ?

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