Where there’s a sliver of light, there you’ll find me. Both literally & figuratively. I love the sun! I also love a solid belly bouncing laugh. I don’t typically dwell on hardships for too long (this seems Iike an appropriate time to throw in a TSwift shake it off reference – I freaking love her!) or allow much space in my heart for lingering unrest. But let’s be real – some days I just can’t shake those looming, dark emotions. If you’re anything like me then resorting to retail therapy, crying AND eating all the Reese’s & Doritos possible makes everything numb up pretty well! Until you’re running to the bathroom with a sick belly & you’re mad at yourself for indulging on TOP of the raging emotions. I don’t have it all together all of the time, who does?! I ache for more friend time, more adventures & less pressure to keep up with whatever imaginary expectations I think have been placed on me. But shoot, when I decide to stop embracing hopelessness & start to seek & pursue peace, it always surprises me how quickly I’m reminded that this life goes how I allow it to. And I will, to the best of my ability, shake things the eff off and press into Jesus where I find the fulfillment of all joy! I will give myself space to feel, to process & identify the upset and then move through it, not live in it.

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