You walk into a store & see this killer outfit on a mannequin, I’m talking like the trendiest white top with the most perfect ruffled sleeve & awesome cropped, raw hem jeans – you’re drooling! You get the goods and go into your fitting room only to discover that the cropped jeans are almost full length and the top looks like it has extra fabric in all the wrong places… uuuuuugggggg!! Common misconception – anyone can walk into a store and buy the same, cool clothes. The truth – that is a freaking lie. Shopping for you in your entirety means buying clothes that only come to life when matched with your body, personality & life style! The crazy thing is that even if a range of body types can pull off a certain style not all of those bodies & their skin tones can sport the same color, and color is a major key element to any wardrobe.
I LOVE to share how women can determine the right fit for your body type, the emotions that drive our shopping habits and how to start building a wardrobe that compliments and empowers your everyday! If you need some help or know someone who does send them my way!

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