It’s Friyay up in my house today so I figured why the heck not do an introduction?! A lot can happen in a year which is probably when I did my last one. oops. Sometimes I suffer from the lack of interest in posting on Instagram! There’s your first fun fact about me & dang it was an exciting one! Good bye to those of you who have stopped reading by now and hello to the ones who have a heart! ?
I’m Olivia! My name came from the original Juliet in Romeo & Juliet. Her last name was Hussy, thankfully I don’t carry any association to that part.
I’m 31. An entrepreneur. A wife of 10 years & mama bear (the scary kind) to 3 cubs.
I make the best ugly faces on earth and I’m dang proud of it! My daughter has been blessed with the same gift – God bless her! I’m on a health kick which so far today has included a donut, a cookie & gummy bears. Ugh. Friday (Thursday) fail.
I suffered the loss of my childhood home to a fire we fought with mixing bowls full of sink water. We weren’t prepared & although it may be one of the most traumatic things ever, it was the first time I ran to Jesus seeking a deeper peace than I could understand & He gave me restoration – I was in 8th grade.
I’m a child of divorce and a mother who’s lost 3 children to miscarriage. I am also a child of God and someone who can tell you the horrors of life will never stop me from chasing after Jesus or my dreams & that they don’t define who we are!
I’ve always, always had a heart to support, uplift & invest in women from both a spiritual and practical standpoint. Jesus & fashion mingle in my world & shoot girl, it’s the best ever.
I’m not a picky eater unless it comes to mushrooms & olives – gag! I created my own French macaroon recipe and blow my own mind every time I make them.
Gourmet cheeses makes me weak in the kneeses & if it comes with a glass of red I’ll love you for life!
Lastly… I accept you! In all of your forms, colors, shapes & whims – I am really glad you’re here and I wish I could learn all of the things that make you uniquely & beautifully you! Going through life is messy, mysterious & full of heart pumping excitement and it should be spent with a tribe surrounding you! ?

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