I’ve been completely MIA, I know. I have been in my own little world of asking questions, the hard kind. The ones that require major soul searching & arms stretched wide with willingness. It’s a good thing that we can hope in Him & His timing even when He feels quiet! Or in my case it’s feeling hopeful that the stirring I’m feeling is something getting ready to blossom in my life & I want to be in the right position – emotionally, physically, mentally, spiritually – so that I can be most prepared for what He has in store.
It can be scary to ask the hard questions because part of asking them is admitting we don’t have all of the answers – annnnd booooy do I like to have it all figured out! But for now I’m meditating on the present things in my life! The children I’m watching grow by the minute, the business I’m investing my heart into, the marriage that’s full of belonging – that’s enough for me. But I love the stirring and draw for more, the things He has in store for our family and my life that I have yet to see!
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