Heeeyyyy yoooou guys!! My name’s Olivia… Liv, Livy, Olive, O… ya know, whatever ya feelin’! There are few things I don’t have much patients for – they include ants, my husbands video game marathons, fake people & diarrhea. I have to believe some of you can relate to at least one of those! Ps.
That was just for fun, I hope you laughed and didn’t unfollow me because I used an unladylike word… fake, def not diarrhea! (Sorry not sorry!) Now, for things about me that actually matter – I am a happy person (unless my kids are whining, then I want to hurt things), I have always really loved fashion! Not the cliche kind, the kind that pertains to real life and everyday women – like you. I chose to be a personal stylist because I care about women just tryin to be the truest, most confident version of themselves & we all know that when we feel good about our clothes it really helps a sista out. •
I love the idea of pets & have a major soft spot for bunnies, but most animals (the kind with fur) make my jaw itch – so weird. • I grew up as a country girl here in Michigan, the kind that swung over ponds holding onto weepy willow branches and catching tad poles in the ditches. I treasure my childhood and the 50 acres of land I grew up running around naked on! Relax, 50 acres means no one could see me & also I was like 5 – I just wanted to get ya riled up. • one of my most fav things (aside from fresh flowers in my house, coffee, wood fired pizza & the sun) is authentic, non-judgmental people. People who aren’t afraid to be completely true to who they are no matter who their company is. The kind of people that are the same in person & on their instagram, not trying to impress or cover up who they really are. • Lastly, I’m the weirdo in the movie theater by myself on a regular basis and there ain’t NO SHAME in my game!! • but for real, what you see is what you get with me – I’m glad you’re here hanging on my feed and I hope you thoroughly enjoy trolling to see what I’m all about. #thisisme
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