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For the last 3 weeks the couch in my room has been absolutely drowning in clean laundry…I’m not even sure I remember the color of the couch anymore! The bathtub decided to drain slower than crystallized honey becoming liquid again (is that even possible?!) I sent my kids to school with bagels and pirates booty for lunch because grocery shopping, yet again, sounds as fun as trying to run a marathon after 18 months of winter and no exercise. BUT, this little friend of mine continually reminds me to find the silver lining! With @kelseyhettinga I can be wearing my husbands boxers for shorts (why is it that I put everyone else’s clean clothes needs before my own?!), chasing a child covered in sticky-who-knows-what around the house and she would be the one to join in on the chaos instead of run from it. Ya know, actually it’s in those moments that she chooses to tell me she loves me because I’m not afraid to be who I am. She tells me she appreciates the way I let my house feel lived in & let the messes sit a little longer to chase that sticky kid around playing. Between her, my sisters @amberannie & @lacey.mcmahon & dear @kaleighdsimmons I feel surrounded by a tribe of women who believe the best of me! MY tribe of women who let me feel the feels and then tell me to shake them off because I have magic to make!
Your tribe should breath life into your strengths, celebrate every victory with you, surround you in seasons of doubt and pain & love you so purely that you don’t second guess being the REAL you… the real you that’s fighting anxiety or fear. The you that loves to dance like a wild woman, the you that fights with insecurity. The you with an ugly past but with extraordinary dreams & talents that the world needs! You, in all of your forms. Your tribe should love every ounce of the real you and draw out the most beautiful things you have to offer because she helped you see their worth.
My tribe is full of strong, honest, authentic & faithful women!
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