Did you know that with a personal stylist we work right in the comfort of your own home?! We can drink coffee or wine, eat some tasty treats, put on your favorite music and get to work on curating your personal style and building an exciting wardrobe around it!
I frequently hear how uninspired women feel the second they step foot into their closet and that is not something we should be carrying along with all of our other responsibilities! Imagine a world where, when you’re in a hurry you can walk into your closet to throw something on and the only problem you run into is that you love everything so much you can’t decide what to pick! Yes, please!! We all get tired of our clothes, but it doesn’t have to happen all at once! Replacing only a few pieces is so much easier than a complete overhaul; with a personal stylist you can strategically replace items to build a wardrobe you’re proud of! I LOVE what I do & I want to help you! Visit www.livstyled.com to read some inspiring testimonials and to discover how I can best help you! .
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