Need I (ok fine, need she) say more?! This couldn’t be more perfectly written. We have the capability to live a life that offers joy, security, sisterhood & hope! A life that leaves a legacy of Gods goodness. Our lives are short, we have one life to let Him work through us. One life to let Him open (some killer-awesome-once-in-a-life-time) doors we could never open on our own and one life to live in freedom from jealousy, comparison & bitterness! I mean let’s be real – we’re human, we have raw and real emotions and struggles; I’m not sure about you perfect people but some of those struggles *ahem, self doubt, ahem* I battle with often but make the choice, to the best of my ability to surrender. Even more realness, sometimes it feels absolutely impossible to stop those thoughts & feelings from invading every moment of my day. But the good news is, His mercy is new every morning & there He is, arms out stretched waiting to carry our burdens for us… yet again.
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