I’ve never done an official introduction on here so I figured why not?! I always love to read the honest, quirky truths about the people I’m following – that’s what we all crave right?! A little something that makes the screen people we follow seem real, relatable and not so perfect just like the rest of us? Well, it’s your lucky day! Below you’ll find a handful of things about me – the real, relatable and far from perfect person begindthe screen.
1. I was raised in the tiniest little lake town north of GR. The pride of the town was Lake Missaukee and The Greatest Fourth in the North when our little town turned straight into Stars Hollow in July! I looked forward to it all year, every year growing up.
2. I really love being crafty, but It takes me 2 years to finally pick a project and then I don’t always pull the trigger bc I can be THAT indecisive & still find a reason to second guess the project I chose.
3. I’m the baby of 3 girls but also the tallest – don’t tell @amberannie & @lacey.mcmahon they don’t know they’re short. ?‍♀️
4. I’ve wanted a career in fashion for as long as I can remember, but I never thought I’d own my own business. It’s sort of awesome.
5. I get asked if my kids are my siblings and I only mention that for selfish reasons. Moving on…
6. I absolutely hate when people are mean and make other people feel bad about who they are – those people are the most insecure, broken people and I wish they knew it so they could heal up and become the best version of themselves for everyone’s sake.
7. My favorite foods include pizza, tacos, pineapple or coconut flavored anything (except lacroix – barf), fancy (not super stinky) cheese plates, fries with garlic aioli, coffee & coke with fresh lime. I did NOT have new year resolutions to change any of those.
8. My husband is my biggest supporter. When I was having babies, when I decided to start my own business, when I need to escape the children, when I feel like a failure or second guess myself, when I’m too tired to get myself ice cream… He’s there. Always.
9. I LOVE people. They fascinate me and I want to know as many as I can!
***#10 is finished in comments!!***

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