Some days I’m completely consumed with trying to keep up with the trail of chaos this ones leaves behind. Think blueberries that seemed to have escaped his plate & somehow were stepped on, kinetic sand hiding in toy trucks all over the house, a game of Jenga that consists of simply ‘plowing them over’ again and again. Those are real days in my world, not days filled with hot showers and chasing after my career dreams in the coolest coffee shops around the city. I crave those days, I dream of them! But what I crave more is watching Weston play using his imagination, pausing while the house is in major disarray to play a game of Uno with Ryder (he belly laughs through them! It’s the best ever!) or letting Delaney sing on her microphone and hiding around the corner to listen while she sings worship songs at the top of her lungs! ———-
When I feel like my career dreams come secondary some weeks, I’m glad because that means my family came first. I have my whole life ahead of me to build my business which I will do with every spare moment I find and chase after my dream like a madwoman! ——
But it goes like this, I’m a wife. I’m a mom, I’m a girlboss Stylist. And I’m really proud of it!
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