I could hear music on the other side of this pale yellow door and although that may not sound scary to you, I was terribly nervous they would see me on their doorstep and come guns blazing out to get me! But let’s be real, with a soft yellow door and such cheerful potted flowers they probably would have offered me cookies.
Cheers to you sweet yellow door and mystery friends inside for creating such a welcoming and happy little space that made me feel both thrill and appreciation!
I hope and wonder if the owners of this lovely space feel the same emotions I did about what they created. I sure hope so! I’m (obviously) one of those people that thinks pretty deeply, I tend to hope that any ordinary day holds the possibility of growth or greatness & sometimes even hunt for it. Typically it’s the unexpected, subtle things that captivate me the most; like this small side entrance hiding alongside of the huge, stunning home it belongs to.
Maybe it’s the part of me that is rooting for the underdog, or maybe the part that is captivated by the little details, or maybe the space of my heart that believes in the power of small victories in achieving the big vision. Whichever it is, this little door seemed to catch my attention and allow my heart to wander with curiosity.
Not all of my photos have a story or enlightening moment behind them, but I’m proud of them all. Each one is a little step forward and each one gives me the opportunity to share a small piece of my heart with you! ? @kelseyhettinga .
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Photo taken at: Grand Rapids, Michigan

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