I realize not every girl wants to wear boots that fall under the ‘masculine’ category, but I sure do! (I think it’s the bad a** in me ?)That’s what’s so fun about understanding your personal style! If you love something a little obscure there is always a way to incorporate into your wardrobe! So, how the heck do you discover what your personal style even is?! How do you know which colors best compliment your skin tone, hair & eyes?! What about which silhouettes flatter your shape? Ooooh that one’s my favorite!
These are only a few of the questions we will answer during a styling session! It’s not my job to make your style resemble mine (unless you want it to of course!), it’s my job to help you understand your style, to help you feel confident, alive & secure in the clothes you wear and to put every detail together in a way that’s unique to you!
So many of my clients have become my friends and I’m so grateful for that element of my work! I am proud that my work has produced authentic trust & relationships.
Doing what you love means investing all of your heart and that’s a vulnerable place to be. I’ve experienced some unfair circumstances but chose to let those experiences evolve into lessons that caused me to learn and grow not discourage me from moving forward, even though I was tempted.
I read this on a recent post from @sarahbessey and I couldn’t believe how spot on it was! “The holy invitations to be brave with our life never end, do they? Everything we yearn for requires faith & patience, guts & grace.” Pretty sure that’s my motto for the next year. I needed that reminder that my business was a holy invitation to be brave, to trust God and keep going because he’s got me! He called me.
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