Every single day we are given opportunities to become better people. To let the things we face produce patience, understanding, compassion & awareness of our actions and motives. Every day I’m faced with the opportunity to react or to slow down and respond. Ive learned that reacting to life’s opportunities with impatience, judgement and selfishness leads to offense over the silliest things and leaves me feeling isolated. My kids are the perfect example – if I react to them with my emotions they’re left feeling frustrated & usually I feel like a big jerk Mom. When I stop, put them above my frustration and respond with an open heart then we can restore peace and again am reminded why patience and grace is a necessary part of living and maintaining good relationships. Getting older is hard! Learning these lessons can be such a painful process but the Bible says in James 1:4 to ‘let patience have its perfect work’ in me. So, I’ll keep letting it do its thing.

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