He’s three today and I can hardly believe it! Weston is the kind of kid that can make anyone (literally) laugh – sometimes just because of the unexpected smart responses he gives that he seems too little think of. Yesterday he wanted to pet a cockatoo and was feeling a little nervous about it – he walked over to it, paused & then he said, “I tan do dis!” and then he gave a loud cockatoo impersonation squawk! A little self motivation that made all of laugh! His personality is so lively and when his hyper-pigmentation started to show up we knew he was the kind of kid that would think it’s cool he got something extra from Jesus! He’s so very social and he’s always making friends everywhere we go! When he’s not playing with dinosaurs he’s begging for yet another bath & his snack of choice is anything in the fruit family. He is all boy, busy and then even busier! But he also asks me 25 times a day to “tuggle” (snuggle) with him and always volunteers his help while I’m cooking. He is a radiant child and I am insanely grateful I get the honor of raising him! #happybirthday

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Photo taken at: Grand Rapids, Michigan

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