I’m thankful tomorrow is Monday. I’m ready for a new week, another fresh start & another chance to make an ordinary week a memorable one. Too many weeks go by too quickly where I forget what I even did! I’m all about relaxing but I feel it all the way to my core that this season of my life isn’t simply for relaxing. It’s for investing, being intentional, operating outside of my comfort zone, pouring my heart into my dreams, my kids, my marriage, my church. This season of my life feels heavily strategic to my future, my career, my family, my spirit & my heart. I was challenged recently to focus on my emotional and spiritual needs more than I tend to focus on other people’s. Not in a ‘think about yourself and forget about those a-holes!’ Kind of way… more like, take the hint when your emotional investments aren’t healthy for you. Make some changes so that you’re positioned for success & not to get hit square in the heart by a fiery dart of emotional & spiritual turmoil. Maybe that seems obvious, but for me sometimes it takes more effort to remember to make sure that I’m in a healthy spot emotionally, spiritually & physically before I have anything healthy to offer anyone else & so that I am the best possible version of myself for my family, my business and for MYSELF. I’m feeling some deep things in my spirit this week & I’m excited to move forward with fresh perspective & a renewed mind! #hereiamsendme ? @kelseyhettinga
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