This tiny gent is one of the reasons I do what I do. He is wild and sincere and when he wants something he is relentless and passionate! Maybe because he’s 2 & driven by emotion or maybe because they’re the gifts Jesus created him with! I see a boy that will grow into a passionate, driven, motivated and spirited man! I hope to nurture & guide his liveliness instead of ever making him feel that his spirit needs to calm down. As a mama you get stretched in patients and self control, sometimes I have movements of total defeat and feelings of exhaustion in all avenues possible. But I also have countless chances to be stretched in creativity, motivation, dedication and love. It’s through my experience as a mom that I’ve built endurance, confidence, motivation, follow through & problem solving and it’s through their eyes and words that I feel like I am capable of achieving anything I put my heart into. They help me to see my moments of failure and self doubt as opportunities to improve & grow because that’s how I taught them to see themselves! It’s interesting when those life lessons are forgotten by us when it pertains to us! I’m just having one of those weeks where I’m feeling things pretty deep I guess, letting the Lord show me His relevance and presence in my life. Of course my kids are always one of the ways He gets to my heart! Ps. His CURLS!!!
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