I LOVE working in wardrobes! So much of the time I start going through someone’s wardrobe and discover their comfort zone clothes and then a few splashes of major inspiration about what they would reeeaally like their personal style to be. I mean coming across leather vests and fur in a more conservative closet is my faaaaaav! I am so grateful that my clients trust me, I stretch them to dive into clothes that make them feel alive vs comfortable. (Although comfort is always an element of my styling too!) The response is usually, “I had no idea I could do this!” They feel empowered, beautiful, excited and actually look forward to getting dressed.
You can always let your comfort zone and edgy side mingle by mixing pieces that highlight who you are as well as how you feel! An example is this photo – a tunic length button up over an asymmetrical tank & distressed denim. An unlikely pair that when put together, create a style unique to you! Don’t be afraid to be you and express yourself through your clothing! And if you aren’t really sure who you want to be with your wardrobe selection I can help you discover your personal style and build a wardrobe to reflect it.
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Photo taken at: Grand Rapids, Michigan

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