These guys keep me on my toes! Not only in case I need to tap into my inner Wonder Woman to catch them mid fall or activate my laser vision to remind them I can most definitely see everything, at all times… but also with my wardrobe! (Anticlimactic?! It’ll always come back to the wardrobe with me, I mean c’mon! I’m a stylist!) I want to be able to wear the cute dresses and heels and white too!! I think a lot of moms think those options are entirely unavailable with little, messy monsters running in circles in around them. But I’ve got a trick or 2 that say otherwise! Moms, I know you can feel like your identity gets lost in the shuffle of motherhood! One of the things that’s kept me feeling like ME, Olivia, with my own identity and desires is being able to feel good about myself. Feeling like I’m not destined to be a frump or wear the not-so-trendy kind of mom jeans. But I CAN dress trendy and wear the things I love in ways that make them practical for my lifestyle! If you need some help mamas, that’s why I’m here! I get you!! Email me and we can set up a time to chat about it and get to work on your style!

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Photo taken at: Downtown Market Grand Rapids

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