I thought I would share a little about myself and my babes with you all!
My name is Olivia, I am 30 years old & grew up in a small town in Michigan! I moved to California when I graduation high school in 2005 where I was exposed to the ocean, the magic of avocados & the best burritos on earth! The first week in California I met my husband, Scott. We will be married 10 years this fall! ?
My first job in SD was at Starbucks and I quickly stared a 2 year Bible school program through our local church. After that, I went after my degree in fashion business. Scott & I got married in 2007 and welcomed our honeymoon baby, Ryder, in 2008. I decided to become a birth doula after my own great birthing experience and did that for about 5 years & cried every single time a sweet babe made their entrance into their family’s arms! I also welcomed baby #2 of my own during that time, my only daughter Delaney.
I got pregnant with my son Weston 3 year later and after he was born we made the bittersweet decision to leave our lives in SD & move to Michigan to spend a season closer to our family in a Michigan & get a good taste of all 4 seasons.
We arrived late June, 2015 and by August I was working at anthropologie so I could meet some new friends, it worked! Yay! We bought our first home, a great church @newchapel & started connecting to the community.
A year & a half later I finally decided to pursue a career in fashion by launching my own personal styling & image consulting business, LivStyled. Today, about 5 months later I’ve had consistent clients and tons of learning opportunities! This job & I were meant to be, I just had to wait on the Lord to show me the right time. 9 years after I graduated fashion school I am excitedly starting my career & I never imagined it would be my own business!
I am so happy to be able to share a small piece of my life with you all. Our lives are what we make them, taking chances & trusting the process has been hard but with God’s grace it has proven to be so rewarding & full of surprises! Cheers to the future, to mine and to yours!

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