Why in the?!

Why in the?!

I mean how many times, every single day, do you ask yourself that question?! WHY IN THE?! For instance, today I decided to make some coffee, same as any other day. I picked out the mug that was giving me the best vibes for the day & no, it’s wasn’t the fishing themed mug that my dad left at my house, noooope definitely not using the broken one that I refuse to throw away and although I love the souvenir mug from NY, it can hold 4 cups of coffee at once and I never feel like I can conquer the world when my mug is only 1/4 of the way full. Hmmm… Anthro mug it is! (Let’s be honest, it’s always an Anthro mug. They’re like magic.)

I get out the sugar and spoon and go to grab the creamer when I can’t seem to find it! I always have half & half, WHY (and so it begins) can’t I find it?! How it possible that I’m out!? Alright, I’ll settle for the hazelnut creamer that I don’t love. I set it out on the counter and then got distracted by something, or should I say someone… one of the small people I own – they always seem to need something from me at the most (in)convenient time! I come back to my already cooling coffee and reach for the creamer when I can’t find it… So, I turn around and then from the deepest place in my soul I yell, “WWWWHHHHHYYYYY!!!!!!!”

The creamer was everywhere. Except in my coffee.

Why just happens. A lot like that other saying… something about Sh*t, I’m sure you’ve heard it.  It’s interesting how those two words are so interchangeable when used in this context. Why am I working my butt off but I’m still struggling to pull it all together? Why do I work so hard only to have no one notice? Why do I buy the healthier foods and work hard to make it all taste delicious just to have my kids refuse to eat it and ask for goldfish and why is the floor covered in sticky food for the third time today?! Why am I doing this?! WHY am I working so hard when it is so not easy?! Questioning why things are so hard is an opportunity for us to get stuck there, in that moment of wondering why, when we’re not even entirely sure it will end how we want it to anyways.

Try this on for size. Ask yourself why, feel the frustration of the moment and then breath and stop asking, start telling. Tell yourself why you work hard, why you believe in yourself and remind your heart why you choose to be who you are. I have really great days with LivStyled, most are really great! But when I get a hard one thrown in the mix, I find myself asking the why questions back to back until I’ve questioned myself enough to think I should throw in the towel. When I stop asking and start telling myself why, things ease up.

WHY do I keep pouring energy into a business that I don’t see an end result for?! I’ll tell you. I pour my energy into my business because it makes me feel alive when I get to work one on one with someone to encourage them and boost their confidence! I push through the uncomfortable tasks because when I finish them I feel proud of myself! I work hard to be an example of female success as a mother and as a business woman to my daughter, to show her that she’s capable of making her dreams happen. I buy my kids healthy food because someday they’re going to try it and love it and I’ll know that I’m offering them the best nutrition I possibly can! I work hard to make this business happen because when one of my clients says, “I needed your help so bad!” I’m reminded that if I gave up, she would remain stuck without the help she needs.

At some point I stopped only asking why and started believing IN my why. My kids are my why, my dreams are my why, my husband is my why, my joy and peace are my why. Jesus is my why and YOU are my why!


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  • Amber September 23, 2017 at 7:40 pm

    This is so true! Right?!
    I love your realness and honesty!
    Congrats on starting your blog!
    Wahoo! I’m fairly new also, and I’m having soooo much fun – it’s a creative outlet for me and I just love to share. I don’t know if I’m doing all the things in blogging correctly, but oh well!

    I wish you luck and will continue to follow your journey! I hope the Meet Cute event went well today! ?

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