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So, here's the deal

Well, it’s lovely to see you here! Lets get right to good stuff, shall we? The heart behind LivStyled is simple:

We love people & we believe we have the tools to help you feel awesome in your clothes through all of life’s occasions! We strive to build confidence & individuality through personal style development, intentional shopping and wardrobe styling.

You aren’t sure what your personal style is? You’re overwhelmed by the endless choices while shopping? Maybe you have a closet full of great clothes, you’re simply running stuck on creating outfits out of them. Or maybe you’re overwhelmed by trying to get dressed with confidence everyday… Perfect! You’re at the right place! Together (or you can grab your coffee and head into the other room and relax while I get some things done!) we will explore the depths of your wardrobe and bring things back to life! We get rid of old items and styles, talk about silhouettes & colors that compliment you best, create outfitting within your current wardrobe and also create a safe space for you to relax & feel the weight lifted as I help you with the shopping and styling! I understand the struggle for many women to feel confident with their wardrobe, my heart is to help lighted that load and see your confidence boosted! I continue to hear, “You pick out things I never would have known look this good on me!” & “I am so relieved that I don’t have to face this all on my own anymore!” I can’t wait for you to begin your style discovery journey with me!

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Fashion School

I fell further in love with all things fashion when I made the move to California in 2005. A degree in fashion quickly made it’s way to the top of my priority list, so off I went! I Graduated with a Fashion Business degree and the dream of working as a stylist on many different levels within the fashion industry.


Party of five

Soon after I started fashion school I got married and two months later found out we were expecting our first babe! (oops!) I worked hard to finish school before his arrival and thankfully, was a success! Over the next 8 years we welcomed two more kiddos into our family and became a family of five!

Monroe Center Street - Grand Rapids, MI


My home state is Michigan where I originally launched LivStyled. Since then we have moved to my hubby’s home state of California where we have taken up residency in San Diego! I am eager to see my business expand on the West Coast as well as continue to grow in Michigan. To do this, I have added a second stylist (Kelsey, she’s the sweetest!)  who is located in Grand Rapids, Michigan and continues to work with my local Michiganders.

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Here's what I can do for you!


Closet Cleanse

Do you stand in your closet and feel overwhelmed? Do you just keep reaching for the same outfits you don’t even love? You’re looking into a full closet but have nothing to wear, isn’t that the worst?! We’ve all been there, sister! The Closet Cleanse is the first step to changing all of that! I can hear you yelling at your screen asking, “how!!?! tell me!! please!”  
  • Cleanout. You have to clean out the old to make room for the new! Item by item we clean out your closet to prepare for your style face lift. This is the most liberating and weight lifting part of the process! Sounds awesome right? It’s just the beginning!
  • Take Stock. We create a list of items to be replaced and new pieces to add in to start building your balanced, well rounded wardrobe. We also talk details about what styles you love, colors that give you life and then I get to watch your face light up with excitement! 
  • Visual inspiration. I follow up with photos of outfits, colors & styles for you to feel inspired by! This is designed to offer you visual examples to have at your fingertips whenever you need some fashion inspiration!

Now your closet is refreshed and ready to be expanded with new pieces to accommodate your existing selection and offer you fresh styles you can’t wait to wear! So, shall we embark on this adventure?! Out with the old (but only some of it!) and in with the new!

Personal Shopping

You choose how much you’d like to spend on re-building your wardrobe and I’ll take care of the rest! Enjoy the ease and convenience of showing up to a  shop with full outfits pre-selected just for you or I will handle all of the shopping and when every (amazing) item has been purchased you simply get to try it on in your own home! If there’s a limited selection of stores where you are located, no problem! Online shopping is as convenient as ever and who doesn’t love getting packages in the mail!? Below is a little more about personal shopping!


There is so much flexibility when it comes to personal shopping!

  • Limited budget? No problem! I will search far and wide at local boutiques, discount and outlet stores to find you the best options without breaking the bank.
  • Do we need to work on balancing your wardrobe by adding some higher quality basics and a few killer statement pieces? Mixing high-end pieces with affordable items is a look that is embraced by some of the most stylish women in the world! Savvy shopping is always a must, but saying no to the perfect item because of the price is simply not an option.
  • Lets be honest, who doesn’t jump at the chance to fill their wardrobe with the absolute best the fashion world has to offer?! You appreciate top quality, flawless design and wearing the world’s best fashion designer pieces – brilliant! We can hand pick the ones that were made for your body and style!  

Personal Styling

Whether you’re a professional needing to break out of a suit rut, a new mom with a changing body, a TV personality or a professional athlete, we all suffer from running out of options in our wardrobe. Sometimes all it takes is a fresh set of eyes to see the potential in your closet and keep you feeling good about your everyday look!

If you aren’t feeling the need to get rid of items in your closet and simply need some new ways to wear things you already own, I can help! This is when I come in and look through your wardrobe to create new outfits options for you! If you’re simply missing a few specific items then I’ll let know which ones to purchase to make things easier for you.

Event Styling

Between weddings, birthday bashes, graduation events, business outings, vacations and simply a night out on the town, it seems our wardrobe options get fewer and fewer! Lose the stress of wearing the same gussied-up-get-up to all of your events and plan ahead before the busy season strikes! Having a handful of ready-to-go special occasion outfits helps to keep the magic alive!

(Last minute shopping and styling is available for events. We all know how it feels when the panic sets in that you have nothing you feel like a celebrity in!)

*For business or event related Inquires regarding editorial styling, photo shoots or events, please contact me through the contact form. 

Personal Stylists



San Diego, CA


Grand Rapids, MI

Latest from the Blog

Sometimes I've got something to say.

It doesn’t get more real than this. It doesn’t get more real than battling worry or silencing deafening, fearful thoughts. Or having chapped hands from over sanitizing because hubby still has to go to work & all you want is to protect your family from germs that could be carried too close to home. It’s REAL to wonder about your kids schooling or if you’ll have a job after all of this, to think about the impact this will have on those littles who need the stability and protection of a dependable, safe school where they can get an extra full belly or our elderly loved ones & immunosuppressed that need extra safe shelter from the outside world. It’s real to dread running to the store to find empty shelves. But you know what else is real? God is BIGGER. The vastness of His love covers this world & bridges hearts all across the globe to support to each other! Organizations that can provide meals for kids are being financially poured into, we have more time to BE with our families – to teach our kids & to protect them. Grocery stores have established hours just for the elderly to safely shop, we are choosing to protect our neighbors & those at higher risk by quarantining so we stop the spread. We are choosing each other in a world that so often chooses ourselves. There are far too many unanswered questions & too many opportunities to worry but if there’s one thing we can put our hope in, it’s God! He created us to heal. He’s redeeming, He fights for us against an enemy that comes to steal our peace, kill with a virus & destroy our economy. If you don’t have hope that God is greater, what do you hope in? He will keep fighting on our behalf but He calls you to fight the good fight of faith too, don’t carry fear onto IG or spread it along with the virus. Choose to speak hope, to believe in the good that the world is creating in the middle of chaos, to have faith that God is still good in a broken world. And when this is all over, keep choosing each other. .
#choosekindness #hesgotthewholeworldinhishands #godsbigger #nofear #holdontohope #inthistogether #godisgood #speakhope #peace #standtogether #bettertogether #thistooshallpass #godisbigger #hope #hopeinjesus

Raising a daughter has been one of the most fulfilling experiences of my life, because while raising her I have had the constant challenge to become the woman I hope she desires to emulate & although far from perfect, she has unknowingly pushed me to blossom with growth. I want my Delaney to always know her worth, to stand up for what she believes in unashamed, to love others & be a safe place. I want her to understand she was created with a purpose, to feel worthy, to be confident, to chase after her dreams with grit and grace & ya know what? I’m the female she needs to see embodying those things. I have so much growing to do but I will never stop going after it because she and I, we are both worth it! And YOU are worth it! Women need each other, to grow together, challenge each other to do the hard work and walk through a life of uncertainties knowing full well that they aren’t doing it alone and they’ve got a sisterhood standing beside them. .
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I don’t love pink. But I sure am wearing a lot of it in this picture! (Happy Vday!!) This obnoxious jacket gave me so much life last winter! It was bright & warm & sassy and all of the things I needed it to be to make me feel happy! Guys, that’s what it’s all about – this life. It’s about living happy and letting it ooze (even though that’s the worst word in the English language) from every facet of our being so we can spread it around and mix it in and let it overpower all the confusion and discord in the world around us. Every day we have a choice to make – to contribute to our grumpy, judgmental world or to stand up for something that creates life & leaves an impact, a legacy of delight & fulfillment. I choose happy! I choose to silence judgements, to embrace differences in people, to wear a baby pink jacket when I feel like it, dang it & to not leave room for comparison or self doubt. I’m worth it and so are you. .
#choosehappy #happygirl #belight #realtalk #createalifeyoulove #pink #valentinesday #onelife #livehappy #wardrobe #personalstylist #speaktruth #happiness #happywardrobe #style #sandiego #personalstylist

What Others Say


Alyssa R.

“I never thought I would get my “what not to wear experience”. But Olivia provided all the positive encouragement and fashion secrets without the TV cameras in my face!! Loved this entire experience with Olivia. I’m received so many positive comments with my new looks. But ultimately, I owe it all to you!! Can’t wait till next time!!”

Jodie H.

“Liv’s services are one of the most worthwhile investments you can make in yourself! Bigger closets take longer, which was great for me, because Olivia was UBER great helping me weed through what was and wasn’t a foundational or multi-functional piece for my wardrobe.

She came back (I can’t believe I didn’t burn her out the first session!) to STYLE the pieces that I knew had great potential but sat unworn because I just didn’t know how to build on it.

She is intuitive, willing to challenge your “need to keep” but also understanding of certain things that are sentimental. She realizes the emotions involved with how our outside can reflect our inside feelings, and where that incites tension, she will “go there” with you if you are open to it. I invited her to tell me if something I was wearing wasn’t flattering on my body type…she did, and did it some magical way that made me excited to shop for a couple of things that WOULD FLATTER my type AND go with other things I already own!

I obviously believe in the benefits of the services Olivia has to offer, but even more, you are going to be treated so kindly, respected for the person you were created to be, and built up emotionally–in short, she will help you discover the beauty and worth that you were born with and the confidence to go make your unique mark on the world.”

Caroline A.

“Olivia has been absolutely amazing and has truly helped tame my wardrobe and curate a style for me that is always effortless but sprinkled with professionalism, preppiness and at times, a little bit of edge. My closet was completely overrun with an over abundance of clothes from pre-pregnancy, pregnancy and post-baby – it was all over the place. With Liv’s helped, she helped me purge and add key pieces to round everything out. I LOVE when she comes and styles new outfits for me – I’ve now got a collection of photos from which I can pull outfits or inspiration for any occasion. She’s also great developing specific looks for special occasions – she’s helped me & my husband prepare for galas and weddings – all with great stylistic success. I highly recommend Olivia and Liv Styled.”

Cheryl W.

“I asked Olivia to update my wardrobe with some basics as well as some statement pieces. She was professional, personable and knowledgeable. She was sensitive to my budget. The new pieces work well with things I already own. I highly recommend her services.”

Sarah I.

“I LOVE LIV STYLED! Olivia came to my house and took over my wardrobe to help me style outfits for my upcoming trip to Italy. I am SO excited to wear the ensembles she put together, and the best part was… All are made up of pieces I already owned! They have been in my closet the whole time and she gave them new life. Some combinations I would have never thought of trying… and now thanks to Liv – I am completely obsessed with them!

Not only did Liv use my own clothes to create lovely outfits that make me look AND FEEL great… she also gave me ideas for new pieces to add to my wardrobe! All based on my body type, shape and personality… plus she knows where to find good deals!

I am recommending Liv Styled to anyone and everyone! Whether you need help with your own pieces or want guidance and advice when shopping for new ones – Olivia Janae is your stylist! She does amazing work!!”


“So grateful for your services over the years! I am seriously considering flying out to MI so that you can style me in this new season of life! You have a penchant for creating THE LOOK for anyone who asks. Your skills are stupendous and more importantly your spirit/vibes fosters this trust that makes it ok for anyone to be vulnerable and comfortable in your presence. I mean it can be quite awkward trying to find the look after gaining LOTS of pounds or the look to help cover the loose skin from losing LOTS of weight. Thank you for being all that you are and for sharing your talents with so many. I’m still flabbergasted as to how you find the most unique pieces and prints to put together; or how you manage to highlight the best features of a person all the while making us feel good in what it is we’re wearing: a win-win.”